About me

I am an optimist and someone who loves to learn. And a  mother. My passion for languages led me to go to live abroad when I was 19. My first immersion in a foreign language was in England, where, after the first month when I didn't understand anyone (my photos of that time speak for themselves: I look like Einstein), I ended up dreaming in English. Good: one language conquered!
I returned to Barcelona and began studying English Language at University, but very soon I realized my body was not going to let me. The pain in my neck and back was too great to allow me to keep working towards my dream: to become an English teacher and translator.
What a fateful day that was when, at 14 years old in a gym class, I was forced to make a jump on the mini trampoline and fell head first damaging my neck within millimeters of spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair.

So I began my endless search for a natural cure for the pain that had followed me for ten years. After trying almost everything without success, I came upon the Alexander Technique.
In just one class my neck began to free itself. By my third class  I had decided that I wanted to learn this technique to have another  immersion and acquire another language -this time physical- more liberating, without restraints or tensions caused by the fear of hurting my back and neck more.

Now, looking back, I am grateful for this accident. It has brought me a great deal. Thanks to it I was able to experience pain and the fear of pain at an early age. Thanks to it I have dedicated  part of my life to exploring inner landscapes where body was the guide. And thanks to this journey I learnt that the body is nothing without presence, that is, without the body and mind being firmly in the moment.

I decided to go to Holland in December 2001 to begin formally  studying the Alexander Technique. I arrived with a huge suitcase and a coat that did not keep out the cold. In the hostel I was confronted with the steepest stairs I had ever seen in my life... At that moment (and without knowing it) I began the process of the Alexander Technique: to think of “going up” in every situation.

Later I was able to go back to study Language at University, this time to study my own language in depth and enjoy using my brain without hurting my body. Now I can help others to learn my language and also to take charge of  their own body.